Abhyasa Yoga

A holistic discipline, a simple practice for health and a modern route to wellness. We aim at inspiring individuals to imbibe yogic lifestyle, thereby bettering the quality of life and extending the happiness quotient.


To cultivate an appetite for Health & fitness with the practice of versatile yogic systems.

Group Yoga Classes

Group yoga classes are simple in design & holistic in their benefit. These sessions are for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned yoga practitioner.

Private Yoga Classes

These yoga classes are tailor made for the needs of the student and are more focused. Yoga Classes at Home are best suited for those who have specific goals of fitness or have health conditions.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Teacher Training Courses are intended to systematically impart the knowledge of yoga to interested individuals who aspire to deepen their practice. Upon successful completion of the course, teachers will be able to conduct group and private sessions.