Baddha means bound, caught, restrained. Hasta means hand. Baddha Hasta Sirshasana is a variation of the head stand.

Baddha Hasta Sirshasana

Technique for Baddha Hasta Sirshasana

  1. Spread a blanket fourfold on the floor, and kneel near it.
  2. Fold the arms in front of the chest and catch the right upper arm near the elbow joint with the left hand. Similarly catch the left upper arm with the right hand.
  3. Rest the elbows and the folded forearms on the blanket. Bend forward and place the crown of the head on the blanket just beyond the folded forearms. The forehead will be just behind the locked forearms.
  4. Raise the knees from the floor and stretch the legs out straight.
  5. After securing the weight on the head and elbows, press the forearms down, exhale, gently push the trunk slightly back without losing the hand grip and pull the legs up off the floor.
  6. While the legs are going up to the perpendicular, the neck bears the weight of the body and feels the strain. Move the legs up until you feel lightness on the back of the neck and forearms and stretch the dorsal region of the trunk forward. When you feel the lightness, be sure that the body is straight. Follow the technique and hints given for Salamba Sirshasana 1 for those who can balance.
  7. Remain erect in the head stand for a minute. Then exhale, draw the hips slightly back without lifting the elbows and gently lower the legs to the floor. Try to keep the legs straight and do not bend them at the knees while lowering them.
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