Durvasa was the name of a very irascible sage whose anger has become proverbial. Durvasasana is named after him.


Technique for Durvasasana

  1. From Chakorasana rest the outstretched right leg on the floor. Bend the right knee and squat by resting the palms on the floor.
  2. Then rest the palms on the right thigh. Exhale, press the palms on the right thigh, pull the trunk up and gradually stand up on the right leg, keeping it erect by making the muscles taut.
  3. Pull the waist and chest up, fold the hands in front of the chest and balance the body on the right leg. The left leg lies across the back of the neck. Try to breathe normally.
  4. Hold the posture as long as you can. Since it is difficult to balance, use the support of a wall or a friend to start with.
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