Kala Bhairava is Siva in his terrible aspect as destroyer of the universe, a personification of the destructive principle. Kala Bhairavasana is named after him.

Kala Bhairavasana

Technique for Kala Bhairavasana

  1. After completing Bhairavasana, unfold the arms from the chest, press the palms to the floor and come back to Eka Pada Sirshasana. The palms should be kept by the side of the hips.
  2. Move the right leg sideways to the right.
  3. Exhale, raise the body off the floor and take two breaths.
  4. Exhale, take the right arm off the floor, turn the trunk to the right and place the right arm along the right thigh. Take two breaths.
  5. Now stretch the right arm up vertically.
  6. The whole body is balanced sideways on the left palm and the outer side of the right foot, the right leg forming an angle of 30 degrees from the floor.
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