After mastering Mayurasana position learn to cross the legs as in Padmasana while practising the posture instead of keeping the legs stretched out straight. This is how Padma Mayurasana is done.

Padma Mayurasana

Effects of Padma Mayurasana

Padma Mayurasana tones up the abdominal portion of the body wonderfully. Due to the pressure of the elbows against the abdominal aorta, blood circulates properly in the abdominal organs. This improves digestive power, cures ailments of the stomach and spleen, and prevents the accumulation of toxins due to faulty eating habits. Persons suffering from diabetes will find the pose beneficial. As a peacock destroys snakes, this asana kills toxins in the body. It also strengthens the forearms, wrists and elbows.

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