Parsvaika Pada Sarvangasana – Parsva means the side. In Eka Pada Sarvangasana the lower leg rests behind the head, whereas here it rests sideways in line with the trunk.

Parsvaika Pada Sarvangasana


  1. Perform Eka Pada Sarvangasana on both sides as described above and come back to Sarvangasana.
  2. Exhale, move the right leg down sideways to the floor until it is in line with the trunk. Keep the right leg straight and stiff and do not bend it at the knee.
  3. The left leg which is vertically up should be kept straight and not allowed to tilt to the right. The ribs should be lifted with the palms to expand the chest fully.
  4. Remain in the pose for 20 seconds with normal breathing, exhale, and go back to Sarvangasana. Repeat with the other leg for the same length of time and return to Sarvangasana.

Effects for Parsvaika Pada Sarvangasana

Parsvaika Pada Sarvangasana relieves constipation and also tones the kidneys.

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