Salamba Sirshasana II is a variation of Sirshasana.

Salamba Sirshasana II

Technique for Salamba Sirshasana II

  1. Spread a blanket fourfold on the floor and kneel near it.
  2. Place the right palm on the floor just outside the right knee, and the left palm just outside the left knee. The palms should be parallel to each other and the fingers should point straight towards the head. The distance between the palms on the floor should not be wider than the width of the shoulders.
  3. Move the knees towards the head and place the crown on the centre of the blanket.
  4. After securing the head position, stretch the legs straight by raising the knees from the floor. Move the toes still closer to the head and press the heels to the floor, keeping the back erect.
  5. Stretch the dorsal region of the spine by pushing the chest forward and hold this position for a few seconds. Take 3 to 4 breaths.
  6. Exhale, take a gentle swing from the floor and lift the legs off it by flexing the knees. Both feet should leave the floor together. When this position is secured, stretch the legs up, exhale, keep the toes pointing up, and tighten at the knees and balance.
  7. I n the balancing position only the crown of the head and the two hands are on the floor. From the wrists to the elbows the forearms are to be kept perpendicular to the floor and parallel to each other. From the elbows to the shoulder the upper arms should be kept parallel to the floor and to each other.
  8. Follow the rest of the technique and hints given under Salamba Sirshasana 1 for those who can balance.
  9. Mastery of this variation of the head stand is essential for learning the other advanced asanas like Bakasana, Urdhva Kukkutasana, Galavasana and Koundinyasana, etc.
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